Who We Are


With over 20 years experience in the local coating industry, Mr. Roque Edgard “Ed” Haduca, the founder, offers innovative and customized solutions that will guarantee client satisfaction.  As the company tagline says, “Our Coating Solutions, Your Satisfaction”.

Our Mission

Redgard Coating Solutions Inc. is not just any coating company. It has a dedicated team striving to intently listen and understand customer’s needs and requirements and creating the best system solutions possible. We are lead by a Coating Specialist that is the brain behind all unique solutions that ultimately satisfy clients including environment, health and safety standards.

Our Vision

The company continues to evolve to become the leading solutions provider for coating needs in the Philippines and Asia Pacific, while continuously delivering state-of-the-art coating products, equipment and innovative system applications at the most reasonable cost.


BIR Registration

Mayor’s Permit

Association of Building Managers

PCAB Accreditation

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Liscense to operate for household/urban hazardous substances

IPO Certificate of Registration

Authenticated GAC






The founder started his own business that provides  waterproofing services under Care Coat Waterproofing System. He learned the trade and honed his skills while working in sales and technical divisions of big companies. He was a Sales Engineer at Hope Transtrade and Development Corporation, a distributor and applicator of South Western Petroleum Corporation (SWEPCO) waterproofing system from Texas U.S.A. He also worked as a Technical Supervisor at Uptown Industrial Sales – Graco Protective Coating Equipment division. He also trained in South Korea.


Mr. Ed Haduca became the brain behind Power Painters, Inc. (PPI) and partnered with his Canadian and American investors. He introduced the airless spray technology and was able to capture a big chunk of the market.


Power Painters, Inc (PPI) became the airless painting expert and general contractor and ventured into civil and finishing works.


REM-H Painting Contractor (REM-H stands for the initials of Roque Edgard M. Haduca) came into business as applicator of various specialty coating products (local and imported) for the industrial market. Most of his clients at this time are Japanese companies in EPZA areas. REM-H stated in the business for 15 years.


As technologies improved and the specialty coating market expanded, REM-H started evolving. It was renamed Redgard Coating Solutions in 2012. Redgard developed closer ties with multinational manufacturers that allow him to do private labelling of imported products.


Redgard Coating Solutions was restructured as limited partnership, hence, became Redgard Coating Solutions, Co. Ltd. and continuous to foster its partnership and maintain the trust he gained from multinational companies and manufactures in several countries like Japan, U.S.A., Malaysia and Singapore


Redgard was incorporated to cater to bigger projects not just in Luzon but also in Mindanao.


2017 Western Roofing Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2016 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
Supplier meetings/product orientations Fontana, California, USA / Participant
Polyurea and Equipment Training Washington USA / Participant
2015 High Rise Repairs & Waterproofing Convention New York, USA / Participant
StreetBond (Pavement Coating) Training Phoenix, USA / Participant
FDA QPIRA Training (Household Urban Hazardous products) Alabang, Philippines / Participant with Certification as FDA Qualified Person in Industry Regulatory Affairs
2014 Polyurea  meetings with Distributors Singapore
2013 2013 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
Earth Day Manila, Philippine / Exhibitor
Quest Construction Products Training/Meeting Arizona, USA / Participant
Polyurea Training Qingdao, China / Participant
Nippon Paint Training and Meeting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 Roof Waterproofing Exhibition Shanghai, China / Participant
MMA Training Beijing, China / Participant
Nippon Paints Thailand Business Meeting Bangkok, Thailand / Participant
PhilConstruct Exhibition Manila, Philippines / Exhibitor
Green Philippines Manila, Philippines / Exhibitor
Construction Occupational Safety and Health (DOLE) Manila, Philippines / Exhibitor
Authorized Managing Officer (AMO) Manila, Philippines / Exhibitor
Construction Occupational Safety & Health Course for Site Safety Officer Manila, Philippines / Exhibitor
2010 2010 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
Polyaspartics Training Arizona, USA / Participant
Surface Preparation Equipment Training Xiamen, China / Participant
2009 2009 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2009 International Roofing Exhibition San Diego, California, USA / Participant
2008 2008 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2008 International Roofing Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2007 2007 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2007 International Roofing Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
United Coatings Business Meeting Spokane, USA
Nationwide Coatings Business Meeting Sarasota, Florida, USA
2006 2006 World of Concrete Exhibition Las Vegas, USA / Participant
2006 International Roofing Exhibition San Diego, California, USA / Participant

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