Redgard Drive-Hard Pro

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REDGARD DRIVEHARD Premium Concrete Weatherproofer is a professional grade concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. The patent pending nano-silicone/ lithium silicate formula creates a breathable, more durable and highly water repellent surface. It penetrates deep into the surface to create a chemical bond that helps


prevent damage from many common problems, including repeated freezethaw cycles, spalling, dirt pick-up and dusting. REDGARD DRIVEHARD PRO leaves a naturallooking finish that does not create a film or change the surface texture or color.


* Permanently fortifies concrete & masonry

* Excellent water-repellent properties

* Prevents many common concrete problems

* Protects from water-borne salt damage


Recommended for most concrete or masonry surfaces subject to deterioration and

* Architectural or exposed aggregate
* Porous or dense brick, paves and blocks
* Masonry capstones and walls
* Perfect for winterising driveways, patios and sidewalks!
* Protect integrally coloured concrete, water fountains, pool decks, garage floors, retaining walls
and patios



REDGARD DRIVEHARD PRO-grade concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. Water-based nanosilicone / lithium silicate formula penetrates deep into the surface &
chemically reacts to create a very strong chemical bond that helps prevent damage from many common problems, including repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

BASE: Nano-Silicone / Lithium Silicate

% SOLIDS: 12%

Approx Sq. Ft./Gal: 200

VOCS: 0 g/L

INSTALL EQUIPMENT: Sprayer or brush (wet on wet)

CURING: Initial Cure: 1-2 hrs.
Final Cure: 24-48 hrs.

Breathable, UV-resistant and non-yellowing; Excellent penetration on porous surfaces; Suitable for painted surfaces; Mold and salt-air resistant; Great chemical and abrasion resistance; Long-lasting protection for all types of vertical surfaces; Water-based VOC compliant; Ambient cure; Strong water-repellancy