Redgard Canyon Tone Stain

Canyon Tone Stain corrects natural color imperfections in the substrate by imparting permanent color uniformity plus water repellency, without disturbing the natural texture of the substrate. An acrylic polymer blended with silicone resins, designed to seal concrete and masonry surface with a water-repellent, color stable finish. Able to lock into surface pores due to its low viscosity and penetration ability. Forms an opaque film, yet it is much thinner than typical paint finishes, allowing it to wear like the natural substrate. Will not peel, flake or crack. Suitable for cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, GRC concrete, masonry and stucco substrates.


Uniformity of Appearance

Contains a relatively low degree of pigmentation. Depending upon the desired color, a maximum of 1 pound of toning pigments are used per 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of finished product. These toning pigments are chemically suspended in solution at all times by a proven process that eliminates settling and color variations on the structure.

Color Retention

Toning pigments used in standard colors are liminar silicates, titanium dioxide and inorganic oxides. These non-fading toning pigments are as durable as natural stone and will greatly resist ultraviolet and ozone attack.

Single Package

Canyon Tone Stain is a ready-to-use material after mixing. It has no pot life problems. Shelf life is unlimited.

Fast Application

Dries quickly and can be rapidly applied in 2 coats over most surface.


Does not contain any ingredients that will oxidize, such as vegetable and marine oils, paraffins, stearates or organic pigments, which cause rapid degradation and allow moisture intrusion. Contains pure non-yellowing acrylic polymers. These are no filler resins or plasticizers.


Utilizes a unique acrylic resin formulation which, together with its low degree of pigmentation and sheen, virtually eliminates lapmarks under most application conditions.


Non-toxic and odor free for easy, safe application on both interior and exterior surfaces. Meets all Federal, State and Local V.O.C. requirements..

No Peeling or Flaking

Due to the micro-penetrating qualities and tenacious adhesion of Canyon Tone Stain to concrete and masonry surfaces, the stain weathers like natural concrete and does not peel or flake from the substrate as do typical “paint” finishes.



Canyon Tone Stain contains a unique blend of premium acrylic copolymer resins and inorganic oxide toning pigments. The result is a natural, uniform staining of the surface, along with excellent water-repellent properties. Unlike a paint or coating, the surface film is integrally locked into the substrate. It will not peel or flake. Specialized formulating techniques, and minimal pigmentation, give Canyon Tone Stain its non-lapping characteristics as well as the ability to form an opaque finish.


A translucent finish can be obtained by blending Canyon Tone Stain with Accent Blending Base to achieve varying opacity. The resulting semi-transparent finish will allow natural aggregate colors to remain visible while uniformly toning the background.


United Coatings warrants to the Building Owner that for a period of 10 years from the date of completion, Canyon Tone Stain standard colors, when properly applied;

  • Will have excellent color retention and uniformity for the full warranty period.
  • Will not peel or flake for the full warranty period.
  • Will act as a water-repellent for the full warranty period.

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