Redgard Silicone Roof Coating



PRODUCT TYPE: A ready-to-use, single-component, solvent-borne, moisture-cured, fluid-applied silicone coating.

GENERAL PROPERTIES: Breathable membrane possessing superior weathering and water resistance characteristics.

RECOMMENDED USES: Provides elemental protection for architectural surfaces such as vertical walls, masonry, concrete, metal, single-ply roof membranes and sprayed-in-place urethane foam systems.

PONDING WATER: The Redgard Silicone Roof Coating Membrane is not affected by ponding water.

RATINGS / FLAMMABILITY CHARACTERISTICS: Redgard Silicone Roof Coating Series Silicone Coatings carry Class “A” Non-Combustible and Class “B” Combustible credentials as tested under UL 790 procedures over spray foam and single-ply roofing systems, refer to the UL directory for specific information.

STANDARD COLORS: White, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Tan. Some testing and standards are based on a white topcoat. Special colors upon request at an additional charge. Allow additional 45 days for nonstandard colors.

Physical Properties

Material tested complies with all of the requirements of ASTM D 6694-08 and -07 Standard Specification Liquid-Applied Silicone Coating. Passed: ASTM C1305 Crack Bridging Ability.

Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-412) 486 PSI at 73˚F. ±20
700 PSI at 0˚F. ±20
Elongation: (break) (ASTM D-412) 267% at 73˚F. ±20
282% at 0˚F. ±20
Tear Resistance: (ASTM D-624) (Die C). lb f/in 33.7
Reflectiviy: (White) (ASTM D-1549) .66 Age 3 yr
SRI Value: 106 initial
Permeability: (ASTM E-96) Procedure B 5.9
Tensile, set at 100% Elongation: Nil.
Temperature Stability Range: -80˚F. to 350˚F.
(-37˚C. to 177˚C
Water Absorption: (ASTM D-471 0.1 weight % after 2 weeks at 75˚F.(24˚C)
Weathering UV/Resistance: (ASTM G-53) No degradation after 8,760 hours
Tack Free Time: Temp & Humidity Dependent 1 Hour
VOC: EPA Method 24 >250 Grams/Liter
Durometer Hardness: (ASTM D-2240) Shore A >50±5 points
Solids Content by Weight: (ASTM D-1644) >80% ± 2
Solids Content by Volume: (ASTM D-2697) >69% ± 2
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature: >185˚F (85˚C)
Flash Point: (ASTM D-93) >105˚F
Cure Time: @100˚F & 90% humidity Minimum 2 hours
@40˚F & 20% humidity Minimum 8 hours
Shelf Life: (UNOPEN CONTAINERS): 1 Year *** When Stored Between 35˚F. and 75˚F ***

Manufactured in the USA for:
Redgard Coating Solutions Inc.