Redgard Polyurethane Coating

painting, waterproofing, polyurea, repainting, reflective coating, exterior wall waterproofing, self-levelling epoxy, ceramic coating, water-based epoxy coating, water-repellent coating


Selection and Specifications Data

GENERIC TYPE: Aliphatic Polyurethane, Part A and Part B mixed just prior to application.

GENERAL PROPERTIES: REDGARD POLYURETHANE COATING is a high build, attractive, satin finish top coat with very good resistance to splash and spillage of acids, alkalies, solvents, salts and water. It is easily applied by airless or conventional spray.


  • Excellent flexibility

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Excellent flow characteristics

  • Maybe applied in a single coat directly over inorganic zinc primers

Substrates and Surfaces Preparation

These instructions are not intended to show product recommendations for specific service. They are issued as an aid determining correct surface preparation, mixing instruction and application procedure. It is assumed that the proper product recommendations service from the materials.

SURFACE PREPARATION Remove any oil or grease from surface to be coated with clean rags soaked in REDGARD HHB THINNER in accordance with SSPC-SP 1-82
STEAL Apply over clean, dry recommended primers
MIXING Mix Part A seperately, then add part B in the recommended proportions and mix thoroughly. Do not mix partial kits
POT LIFE 4 hours minimum @ 75°F (24°C) and less at higher temperatures. Pot life ends when coating becomes too viscous to use. Moisture contamination will shorten pot life and cause gallation
BRUSH Recommended for touch up only. Use natural bristle brush applying with full strokes. Avoid rebrushing. Two coats maybe required for uniform hiding and film thickness
ROLLER Use medium to long nap-roller depending on surface. Thin up to 25% by volume with REDGARD PU REDUCER for proper flow-out. Two coats may be required for uniform hiding and from thickness

Drying Time

TEMPERATURE To Handle or Re-coat
40°F (4°C) 20 Hours
50°F (10°C) 12 Hours
75°F (24°C) 5 Hours
90°F (32°C) 1 Hour


Read and follow all caution statements on this Product Date Sheet and on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Contain flammable solvents. Keep away from sparks and open flames. In confined areas, workmen must wear fresh airline respirators hypersensitive persons should wear gloves or use protective cream. All electric equipment and installations should be made and grounded in accordance with the national electrical code. In areas where explosion hazard exist, workmen should be required to use non-ferrous tools to wear conductive and non-sparking shoes.

To the best of our knowledge the techniccal data contained herein are true and accurate at the data of issuance and are subject to change within prior notice. User must contact manufacturer to verify correctness before specifying or ordering. No guaranty of accuracy is given or implied. We guaranty our products to confirm to Redgard quality control. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use. Liability if any is limited to replacement of products. Prices and cost of data if shown are subject to change without prior notice. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by the seller. Express or implied statutory, by operation or law otherwise including merchantability for particular purpose.


Acids Very Good Excellent
Alkalies Very Good Excellent
Solvents Very Good Excellent
Salt Excellent Excellent
Water Excellent Excellent
SOLIDS CONTENT 57% 2% (mixed material)
DRY FILM THICKNESS 3-5 mils (75-125 microns) (3-5 mils minimum required for hiding)
THEORETICAL COVERAGE RATE 24-25 sq. meters/gallon/coat @ 75 microns DFT
COLORS Available in variety of colors
GLOSS High gloss
MIX RATIO 3 parts by volume of component - A to 1 part by volume of Component - B.

NOTE: Materials losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration when estimating job requirements. Coverage will be lower over rough surfaces at higher dry film thickness. Heavy applications over organic coatings may in softening and/or solvent entrapment..