Redgard Epoxy Flooring Self – Leveling

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REDGARD EPOXY FLOORING SELF-LEVELING (EFC-80) is a two component epoxy-base coating, formulated from carefully selected, highest grade, epoxy resin and curing agents, manufactured under strict quality control standards. It cures to a concrete and steel. REDGARD EFC-80 is water-impermeable and has excellent resistance to oil, solvents, alkalis and most dilute acids.

  • Ideal for flooring topping of new and existing flooring of food processing plants, chemicals and pharmaceutical factories, sugar and oil factories.

  • Recommended for installation anti-skid coatings both indoor and outdoor.

  • For patching of deteriorated flooring.

  • High performance coating system.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and avoid breathing its vapor.
  • Work areas must be adequately ventilated.
  • Keep containers properly closed and store in a cool dry place.
COATING SYSTEM 1st Coat: 20 sq. meters / gal. 2nd Coat: 10 sq. meters / gal.
SELF LEVELING 6-8 sq. meters / gal. (Solid coat @ 20 mils.)

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface to be coated must be dry and free of oil, dirt, grease, dust, loose particles and other contaminants. Old lining must be completely removed. It is recommended that steel surfaces be sandblasted to be bare metal. Concrete should be neutralized or acid-etched and washed thoroughly. Level off uneven surfaces using REDGARD EPOXY PUTTY AND FILLER.

COATING APPLICATION: Prepare enough materials that can be applied within 30-40 minutes. Mix 2 parts of resin base on 1 part of hardener by volume until a homogenous compound is attained. Apply two (2) coats of REDGARD EFC-80 over REDGARD EPOXY SELF-PRIMER CLEAR or REDGARD EPOXY SELF-PRIMING INDUSTRIAL PAINT.

CURING AND CLEANING: The applied epoxy paint must be allowed to cure at least 3 days before exposing to light traffic and 7 days before loading pressure or before exposing to heavy traffic. Use damp rugs for maintenance cleaning.