Redgard Epoxy Flooring & Industrial Coating

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REDGARD EPOXY FLOOR COATING INDUSTRIAL PAINT (EFC 321G) is a two components epoxy-based coating, formulated from carefully selected, highest grade, epoxy resins and curing agents, manufactured under strict quality control standards. It cures to a hard flexible surface that is abrasion resistant. It has an excellent adhesion on properly prepared substrates, such as concrete, steel and wooden surfaces. Designed for a general maintenance coating where gloss and color retention is desired.

Two components, polyamide cured epoxy gloss paint.


Recommended for exterior and interior painting job such as:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Marine Vessels & Structures
  • Equipment of mining, chemical, textile, food, power, fertilizer, sugar and other industrial installation.
  • Concrete floor coatings in production areas, warehouse, gas stations and other business establishments.

CAUTION: Highly combustible. Keep away from heat and open flame. Keep containers well covered. Work areas must be adequately ventilated. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor and repeated contact with skin.


Surface to be coated must be dry and free compatible primer such as REDGARD EPOXY PRIMER CLEAR (100% SOLIDS).


Stir thoroughly the base component prior to the addition of the catalyst. Use of a power mixer is recommended to attain complete homogenizing of a compound. For conventional spraying,  REDGARD EPOXY REDUCER may be added at a minimum of 10-15% by volume of the paint mixture. Allow 15 minutes induction time before application.


REDGARD EFC-321G may be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray, or by necessary to sand it lightly to provide a good toehold for the next coat.

PACKAGING 4 liters set (3 liters resin base and 1 liter catalyst)
COLOR Available in variety of shades
MIX RATIO 3 parts resin base to 1 part catalyst by volume
DRYING TIME To touch - 1 hour; To Handle - 6 hours; Full cure - 3 days
POT LIFE 3 hours @ 85° F
SOLID CONTENT 48% by volume; 65% by weight
THEORETICAL COVERAG 24 - 25 sq. meters @ 3 mils DFT
CURING TIME Set to touch in 30 minutes, Ready to recoat in 3 hours
SHELF LIFE One year, when stored in a cool dry place
ADHESION Excellent to properly primed surfaces

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