Redgard Concrete Acrylic Sealer

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REDGARD CONCRETE ACRYLIC SEALER (SE-108AS) is a one component clear coating specially formulated from thermoplastic acrylic resin dispersed a mixture of aromatic organic solvent, made in a brushable and sprayable consistency as sealer for concrete surfaces. Excellent adhesion to dry surfaces of concrete exhibits good alkalis and water resistance property. Sealing properties does not change even when the product is exposed to temperature 20° C and 100° C, when subjected to ultraviolet radiation at the same time.

  • As clear topcoat on outdoor exposer for massonry.

  • As a standalone protective sealer for concrete and neutral mineral substrates such as bricks, natural stones, pavers, precast concrete and cement fiberboards.

  • As a waterproofing primer which is a vital part of Elastomeric Waterproofing System for concrete gutters, roof decks, toilet & bath, firewalls and other similar concrete structures. REDGARD SE-108AS helps promote adhesion of the waterproofing paint to the concrete substrate and penetrates deeply providing an effective first line barrier against intrusion of water.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and avoid breathing its vapor.
  • Work areas must be adequately ventilated.
  • Keep containers properly closed and store in a cool dry place.


All existing dirt and other surface contaminants adhering on the surface must be thoroughly removed. Apply Concrete Neutralizer using sufficient coats to completely neutralize the surface. Do not wash off. When sufficiently dry, dust lightly to remove crystalline deposits.


Methods of application include airless sprayer, roller and brush. Allow to cure overnight prior to application of topcoat.

DRY HARD 3-4 hours
TO RE-COAT 2 hours
ADHESION 100% Retention (ASTM D3359)
THEORETICAL COVERAGE 22-24 sq. meters/gallon/coat depending on the porosity of the substrate
NO. OF COATS REQUIRED 1 coat if to be used as primer, 2-3 coats if to be used as a protective sealer
PACKING 4 liters/gallons; 16 liters/pail