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Redgard SL-08

SLOW CURE, SELF-LEVELLING SPRAY POLYUREA PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Marine grade Redgard SL-08 is a slow-cure, 100% solids spray Polyurea system designed for a variety of applications. Redgard SL-08 is a self-leveling product providing a smooth surface with a longer gel time to promote better adhesion to the substrate compared standard Polyurea systems. Redgard SL-08 is used [...]

Redgard Silicone Roof Coating

SINGLE COMPONENT , FLUID-APPLIED SILICONE COATINGPRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCT TYPE: A ready-to-use, single-component, solvent-borne, moisture-cured, fluid-applied silicone coating. GENERAL PROPERTIES: Breathable membrane possessing superior weathering and water resistance characteristics. RECOMMENDED USES: Provides elemental protection for architectural surfaces such as vertical walls, masonry, concrete, metal, single-ply roof membranes and sprayed-in-place urethane foam systems. PONDING WATER: The Redgard [...]
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Redgard Roof Mate HT Coating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Roof Mate HT Coating (HIGH TENSILE) is a unique waterbased elastomer coating utilizing the latest advances in acrylic technology for roof areas subject to heavy maintenance traffic, severe weather conditions, chemical fallout, etc. High tensile emulsion polymers are combined with reinforcing pigments and non-migrating fire retardants for superior physical properties, durability, weatherproofing, dirt [...]
wall waterproofing, waterproofing, polyurea, repainting, reflective coating,

Redgard Topcoat® Membrane

100% Acrylic Elastomer MembranePRODUCT DESCRIPTION REDGARD TOPCOAT® Membrane is a water-based, spray-applied liquid, which cures to form a seamless 100% acrylic elastomeric membrane specially designed to seal the entire roof. REDGARD TOPCOAT® Membrane is an ENERGY STAR® qualified reflective product that will help to reduce building temperatures. REDGARD TOPCOAT® Membrane is listed by the Cool Roof [...]

Redgard Ceramic Coating

REDGARD CERAMIC coating is a high solids, waterbased acrylic elastomer coating incorporating heat reflective, borosilicate ceramic spheres. This specialized ceramic additive increases the heat reflectivity beyond that of typical white reflective coatings. The brilliant white pigments protect the substrate by reflecting in excess of 90% of the sun’s solar heat from the roof surface. REDGARD CERAMIC coating [...]
wall waterproofing, waterproofing, polyurea, repainting, reflective coating,

Redgard Pro-White

High Tensile 100% Acrylic ElastomericPRODUCT DESCRIPTION REDGARD PRO WHITE is a high tensile premium 100% acrylic elastomeric coating, combining non-migratory fire retardants with superior reinforcing laminar pigments. This combination provides excellent abrasion and hail resistance with outstanding U.V. protection while maintaining exceptional flexibility at below freezing temperatures. BenefitsInstallationPerformance PropertiesRatings/ApprovalsBenefits Reduces existing roof substrate temperature; helps [...]
wall waterproofing, waterproofing, polyurea, repainting, reflective coating,

Redgard Elastaflex 1.0 UB

Elastomeric Multi Use PolyureaPRODUCT DESCRIPTION REDGARD ELASTAFLEX 1.0 UB is a very economical self-leveling polyurea is a unique blend of aliphatic and aromatic polymer chemistry with greater color/gloss retention and is more UV resistant than aromatic polyureas. REDGARD ELASTAFLEX 1.0 is formulated to be processed through a special Synergy proportioner such as the Low Pressure [...]
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Redgard Aquaseal HI-RISE X3

REDGARD AQUASEAL HI-RISE X3PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Redgard Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 is a unique elastomer that expands approximately 300% of its original volume during the spray application.  In place yield is +50 mils per gallon per 9.3 sqm when sprayed through Lock N Load gun.  As X3 rises, it bridges substrate imperfections to virtually eliminate blowholes and [...]
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Redgard Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint

REDGARD EWB REDGARD ELASTOMERIC WATERPROOFING PAINT is a high performance UV resistant water based coating formulated based on 100% Acrylic Emulsion for use as waterproofing paint on walls and roofs. It possesses outstanding exterior durability and excellent elasticity and elongation properties necessary to bridge forthcoming hairline cracks without cracking or wrinkling. Highly recommended for the [...]